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How To Create an App: A Beginner’s Guide

In today’s technological world, almost everything is currently done using mobile devices. From banking, to entertainment, and education, mobile applications assume a vital role in our daily lives. Essentially, in the global marketplace, the focus has shifted from content on the Web to that on mobile applications. As such, mobile devices are no longer just

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Marketing & Promotion

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How To Market an App: A Concise Guide

There are 2.87 million mobile applications in the Google Play store, 1.9 million in the Apple App Store, and approximately 669,000 apps in the Windows

App Development & Design​

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Python for App Development: A Concise Guide

In the past, python app development wasn’t something mobile app developers commonly associated with mobile applications. That’s because, with programming languages like Java, Kotlin, and

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How to Remove Malware From Android

Can your phone get a virus? With the Android platform being more popular than ever, viruses and malware on the OS have also been increasing.

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