The demand for app design templates is on the rise, prompting more mobile app developers to emphasize on PSD UI designs. These kits have a better appeal to app users and visitors. Developers prefer PSD designs because, unlike Sketch, they have compelling features which enable these guys to craft useful and striking applications.

This collection reviews the best free PSD app design templates, which you can use as per your needs. These 20 templates are enriched with beauty, inspiration, and style for better audience response and improved traffic.

1. Material Design UI PSD Template

This free PSD template has the best elements and style guides for Photoshop, allowing you to kick off your app design projects quickly and easily. This Google product comes with a fast workflow and customizable elements, buttons, and widgets. Its features include music player, graph, button, and statistics. You are free to use this kit to design personal and commercial projects.

  • Works in Photoshop CS6+
  • Grouped layers
  • Customizable vector shapes
  • Google design UI style

Works in Photoshop CS6+. Image Credit: designtory.net

Well-organized layers and editable PSD files. Image Credit: medium.com

Customizable vector shapes and statistics. Image Credit: medium.com

Design UI style. Image Credit: medium.com

View statistics. Image Credit: designtory.net

2. Phoenix iOS App UI Kit

The free phoenix iOS app design template contains 12 beautiful screens, allowing you to harness the full potential of Photoshop. This kit is suitable for iPhone 6 apps. Instagram lovers can also use the first screen for interaction through comments, tags, and photos. It comes with the following amazing features:

  • User profile screen – for message inbox and personal profile preferences
  • Modern, clean design, perfect for a stylish app
  • Calendar to allow users to tag themselves
  • 2 color schemes – ‘minimal light’ and ‘minimal dark’ backgrounds

User profile screen. Image Credit: codenameone

Modern design. Image Credit: aidownload.com

Instagram-style page for easy sharing of photos. Image Credit: rswebsols.com

Calendar. Image Credit: uihere.com

3. Cafegrapp IOS8 App PSD Template

This free app design template comes with an amazing flat, aesthetic design. Its interface is engaging enough, allowing iOS 8 app designers to place objects perfectly. It delivers high-quality results, leaving the desired impression on users. The color palette is equally catchy, with a fresh feel. Its features include:

  • 7 free PSDs
  • Login platform and personal profile
  • Flavors map
  • Go and side, allowing users to swipe screens sideways and to navigate forward and backward

7 free PSDs – they give project designers the freedom to be creative. Image Credit: pinterest.co.kr

Flavors Map for easy navigation by users. Image Credit: behance.net

Flavors Map. Image Credit: cdn.designsmaz.com

Go and side for easy navigation. Image Credit: pinterest.com

4. Couchfinder Mobile App UI App Template

Couchfinder is an application that enables travelers to search for places and people to reside with, across the world. In addition to multiple layers, the free Couchfinder UI template comes with standard, important features, such as requests management, user profile, and captivating colors and typography. PSD developers will have the best time using this design due to the following outstanding features:

  • Location and couch-finder: Users can use the map to locate their preferred cities and countries and people to stay with.
  • Statistics and rating: Fellow couches can see one another’s previous couches accepted and star ratings for better-informed decision-making.

Location and couch finder. Image Credit: behance.net

Statistics and rating: Image Credit: behance.net

Request management. Image Credit: behance.net

User profile management. Image Credit: behance.net

5. Instagram App Template

The Instagram free app design template for PSD features a drawer screen on the right to show menu items, business profiles on separate pages, and Instagram TV. It also has rich editing features with a simple mouse drag. Other unique attributes of this app kit include:

  • Advanced, editable PSD layers – they have a comfortable feel on users
  • Advertising screens for better client integration
  • Enhanced color scheme for a smooth user experience
  • Multiple interfaces – standard stories, sponsored stories, and your story

PSD layers. Image Credit: designyourway.net

Advertising screens. Image Credit: barnimages.com

Enhanced color scheme. Image Credit: dribbble.com

Multiple interfaces. Image Credit: templatemonster.com

6. Liquid Pro UI Template

This kit comes with ready-to-use and easy components, allowing app designers to kick-off their projects right away. In addition to being free, this app design template has multiple PSD layouts and UI elements and statistics. Other unique features include:

  • Dropbox for file management
  • Workflow panel for better planning
  • Thumbnail and analytics to visualize interactions and user perception
  • Books and reviews for book lovers

Dropbox. Image Credit: freebiesbug.com

Workflow panel. Image Credit: behance.net

Analytics. Image Credit: behance.net

Books and reviews. Image Credit: behance.net

7. Photo App UI PSD Template

This free app design template is suitable for iOS developers, whose target market is photographers. Photo lovers can use this platform to view, download, and upload images. It also comes with a gallery for photo storage. The salient features of the Photo app UI PSD kit include:

  • User-friendly dashboard with multiple pages displaying photo collections
  • Filters to sort out photos according to user preferences
  • Edit and Share to customize photo resolution to suit the user’s audience
  • High quality 640 x 1136 resolution

Dashboard and filters. Image Credit: psdblast.com

Edit and Share. Image Credit: psdblast.com

8. Informational App PSD Template for Models

A model-based UI is a profiling template used by PSD project developers to create app designs for fashion and modeling agencies. The kit is also used by models to manage their interactions and engagements. The Informational App PSD template comes with the following striking elements:

  1. User-friendly navigation page – for easy access to menus
  2. Event manager – schedules upcoming engagements
  3. Personal profile – a detailed bibliography of the model
  4. Social media platform – view the user’s social media pages from one place 

Navigation page. Image Credit: psdgang.com

Event manager. Image Credit: psdgang.com

Personal profile. Image Credit: psdgang.com

Social media platform. Image Credit: psdgang.com

9. TAASK PSD App Template

TAASK is the best free app design template for organizing and scheduling events and work. The main focus of the TAASK mobile app is to manage your to-do-list by grouping all tasks according to priority and adding new ones. Designers should lookout for the following striking features:

  • All tasks: Allows users to keep track of their events to avoid procrastinating or even forgetting – the template displays the specific nature of the event and time.
  • Add new: Users can capture specific details of upcoming events for TAASK to schedule them

All tasks. Image Credit: behance.net

Add new. Image Credit: behance.net

10. Foodmonkey Mobile App Template

Use this nice and free app design template to create the best app for locating restaurants. This on-demand kit has a GPS tracker and a cool mix of white, black and yellow colors for the right appetite. In addition to customizable pages, the Foodmonkey template comes with the following stylish features:

  • One-page view of featured restaurants and ratings
  • Restaurant details: Users can read about and compare restaurants and menus before deciding on which one to visit.

One-page view. Image Credit: symu.co

Restaurant details. Image Credit: symu.co

Location tracker and route. Image Credit: symu.co

11. Avital UI PSD Template

This free app design template has 21 high-quality app screens for iOS and other essential elements, such as customizable PSD layers. It also has an easy navigation panel for quick navigation, editable profile page, and social media plugins. Its key features include:

  • Media playlist – to view your music collection
  • News: to view and read about trending events
  • Shop: for collection of elegant clothes, which users can buy
  • Help Center and Search – for customer support and easy navigation to listed items and news

Media playlist. Image Credit: designsmaz.com

News. Image Credit: designsmaz.com

Shop category. Image Credit: designsmaz.com

Help Center and Search. Image Credit: designsmaz.com

12. Bromo Mobile App PSD Template

Bromo is one of the best free social iOS app design templates for Photoshop, mainly due to its unique, pixel-perfect screens. These pages are also easy to customize and are compatible with diverse social apps. PSD app developers can gain from the following features of Bromo:

  • Timeline: Users can view their friends’ lists of events and their overview. It is also possible to share perceptions on posted content through likes and comments.
  • Chat tool: Allows users to interact with friends
  • Call to action: The app loads while displaying the message “Let’s Go Hiking Together”. This pop-up can trigger more enthusiasm from users. 

Timeline. Image Credit: uplabs.com

Chat tool. Image Credit: uplabs.com

Call to action. Image Credit: uplabs.com

13. Invoices Mobile App PSD Kit

This free template is the best for building a strict invoicing application. It has well-outlined elements, layers, and customizable pages for invoicing tasks. Other than a dark color scheme, designers have the following features to look out for:

  • Statistics and analytics for revenues and expenses: To guide business planning for new and existing customers. Analytics are also good for performance review.
  • Invoice management: A collection of bills, details of debtors and the amounts owed. Users can also print and delete paid invoices.

Statistics and analytics. Image Credit: colorlib.com

Invoice management: Image Credit: colorlib.com

14. Apple UI Design

The Apple UI app design template comes with advanced elements, such as color palettes, a user-friendly interface, icons, and other important assets. These tools help PSD designers to craft the best apps, free of charge. The unique features of the Apple UI design kit are:

  • The San Francisco (SF) symbols – a perfectly aligned system font for Apple text labels, allowing designers to create adaptable designs
  • A full range of iOS design themes that create a differentiating clarity and depth

UI icons for settings – to adjust keyboard format and text size. Image Credit: developer.apple.com

Top 20 Free PSD App Design Templates in 2020 48SF symbols with a wide range of scales and weights. Image Credit: developer.apple.com

Diverse iOS design themes. Image Credit: developer.apple.com

15. Shopping App UI PSD Template

This free app design template for PSD features multiple, customizable layers and a clean user interface, allowing developers to craft advanced applications for shoppers. Other features include:

  • My cart – To load items to buy now or later
  • Trending brands and products – displays latest most bought commodities
  • Featured interests with price tags – recommended items one can buy depending on their shopping history

My cart/trends. Image Credit: psdrepo.com

Recommendations/Interests. Image Credit: dribbble.com

16. Real Estate PSD Template

The Real Estate PSD app design template is ideal for developers seeking exquisite elements, such as home display screens, search tools, and screen settings. It also displays home prices but the most outstanding elements include:

  • Sort and filter: Users can choose to sort houses by Newest First, Oldest First, Best Rated, and etc.
  • Just In: This feature enables users to see the newest addition to the catalog
  • Location settings: For displaying houses near the app user

Sort. Image Credit: dribbble.com

Just In. Image Credit: dribbble.com

Location settings for homes near you. Image Credit: dribbble.com

17. Book App Template

The Book App kit is a simple, free PSD design for a clean and cozy online reading application. It comes with multiple layers and smooth in-app translations. The most unique features include:

  • My books and AE animation: Displays the user’s book collection per month with animations, titles, and word from the editor
  • Browse: Users can browse and add books to their catalog
  • Favorites and most used titles: Shows the preferred books and titles for the reader

My books. Image Credit: psdrepo.com

AE animation. Image Credit: dribbble.com

Browse and favorites. Image Credit: freebiesbug.com

18. Fitness App UI PSD Template

The Fitness App UI PSD design template is a high-quality kit for creating fitness interface applications. It is in a ready-to-use version with custom-made features, such as a gender-specific user profile and social media plugins. This free app stands out due to the following elements:

  • Fitness goals: An all-round view where users can create targets, such as running, appointments, and food tips. You can also set daily goals
  • Fitness level: They include beginner, moderate, and advanced levels
  • Workout analytics: Displays the specific type of workouts already done, such as bench presses. It displays a tick if the target/goal is reached. 

Fitness goals. Image Credit: digitaldesignjournal.com

Fitness level/Workouts. Image Credit: digitaldesignjournal.com

19. Legends App PSD Template

Legends is one of the most important free app design templates as it has a beautiful concept for gaming developers seeking modern standards. You only have to change the smart objects by replacing them with your own concepts and the app will be ready to use. Here are the best features of this app:

  • Skills and abilities: Displays the character’s name, role, skills and abilities
  • Scores, levels, and unlock functions: Shows the player’s performance and game unlock requirements

Skills and abilities. Image Credit: psdrepo.com

Scores and unlock feature. Image Credit: psdrepo.com

20. TAXI UI PSD Template

The Taxi UI PSD template comes with screen grabs for successful implementation of driver and rider profiles. Business startups can harness the full potential to deliver on-demand benefits, such as user registration, properly-named layers, and customizable themes and colors. This free app kit also has the following unique features:

  • GPS tracker, location settings, and ETA: Tracks the driver and gives the rider an idea of the estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Phone number verification: Sends users an SMS to verify the authenticity of their profiles
  • Online and offline settings, and ride requests: Allows the driver to set online and offline status. It also allows him to view and accept or reject rides.

 GPS tracker. Image Credit: themeforest.net

Phone number verification. Image Credit: themeforest.net

Location settings. Image Credit: dribbble.com

Online and offline settings and ride requests. Image Credit: themeforest.net

These app design templates have the best features for PSD project designers. Multiple layers, customizable colors and themes, social media plugins, and chat tools are the most common elements to look out for. Try out any of these designs for free.

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