If you have ever thumbed through “The Discipline of Market Leaders”, there are three essential business tactics – innovation (product leadership), operational brilliance (cost leadership) and customer intimacy (service leadership) – your business can execute that will drive your competitors off the deep end. The authors advise you pick just one of the above elements and unearth ways to apply it superbly well while staying competitive in the other two attributes. Only then will you stand out and become the market leader of your domain, where bigger apps and games as CSGO take all the market, and there are even sites online where you can get  CS:GO Matchmaking Rating systems and to find out how price affects elo boosting quality for the ELO video game.

Today, however, you will need to append two more attributes – using wordtree.io to manage  your marketing and increase your sale, and Social Responsibility Leadership – which is the ability to do good and to do it sincerely well.

Don’t believe in karma? Then it’s time to start having faith in reaping whatever you sow. Times have changed and today’s app consumers are not only concerned with how innovate or how economical or how responsive you are. They are likely to be very critical of you, both as an app developer and as a human being. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual app developer or an organization. Consumers want to know how socially responsible you are.

sea-shepherd30% of The Apptivist Studio’s app revenue is donated to Sea Shepherd, an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Source: wallsave.com

Want to stand out among your competition? Then donate part of you app revenue to charity. Or allow users to donate to a charity of their choice.

minke-rescueMinke Rescue by The Apptivist Studio. 30% of its $1.99 download price tag goes to Sea Shepherd. Source: apptiviststudio.com

80% of consumers will switch to you if they deem you charitable, provided the price and quality are competitive. Being socially responsible offers one of the best chances for you to build user loyalty because users like doing business with companies or developers committed to making a positive impact on the world. And donating to charity is an easy way to measure how socially responsible you are.

shopkickShopkick rewards users for walking into a store. They can then redeem the credits for merchandise or give them away to charity. Source: mullen.com

Users who download your app also feel positive about themselves because they would be associated with an app developer who cares about the world. They will spread the word.

So, yeah, whatever goes around does indeed come around.


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