Children now have more access to advanced technologies, unlike any other time in history. Kids, some as young as two years old, are exposed to phones, tablets, and computers, for an average of six and a half hours a day. To ensure responsible growth, it is up to parents to regulate the use of these devices by controlling what and when content is accessed. To do this, parents need to enlist the help of these 10 best parental control apps for Android.

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1. Google Family Link 

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Google has mastered the art of location monitoring, which makes it the ideal designer of state-of-the-art parental control apps. Parents can use Google Family Link to keep track of their kids’ phone activities, as well as control app installations. Here are the reasons Google Family Link is one of the best parental control apps for Android:


Ø  App blocker: Parents can track their kids’ activities on the phone and prevent them from using specific apps on Google Play.

Ø  Controlled in-app purchases: You can manage what apps your kids can buy on the  Play Store. This setting regulates expenditures on Google Play, so you don’t find your wallet being depleted at the end of the day.

Ø  Time limits: You can control the screen time by locking the phone remotely.

Ø  Activity logs: Monitor and regulate what your kids are accessing online by viewing their phone’s daily activities.

Ø  No ads: Google Family Link is easy to use as it has no adverts.

Ø  Get a one-week free trial.

2. Nintendo Switch 

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Nintendo Switch ranks among the best parental control apps for Android because of its versatility. This app will allow you to take care of your kid’s entertainment and ensure their safety. The famous game company’s app will also keep track of your child’s phone use. Here are the key attributes that set Nintendo Switch apart from other parental control apps in the industry:


Ø  Playtime controls: This app enables you to monitor your kid’s playtime, games played most, and to allow and disallow games at your convenience.

Ø  Alarm notifications: When the time limit for playing games is reached, the app sends you an alert and also tells you if the Nintendo Switch console remains turned on past the stipulated time. Parents can always set automatic interruptions to the game whenever the time is up.

Ø  Customizable online features: You can limit the sharing of in-game images and texts, and the ability to post screenshots on social media.

Ø  Purchase limitations: You can set specific limits for app purchases, as well as restrict who can purchase items on Nintendo eShop.

Ø  Get a free 7-day trial.

3. Kids Place 

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Kids Place is among the best parental control apps for Android users thanks to its unique functions allowing parents to control their kid’s phone features. It also comes with standard safety and control capabilities, such as location tracking, app blocker, screen time limitations, and restricted purchases over Google Play. Here are other features making this app stand out in the market:


Ø  Customizable phone settings and wallpaper: Parents can change the phone theme, colors, and app icon-size, creating a safe and friendly zone for their children.

Ø  Wireless controls: You can disable all wireless signals, restricting access to free Wi-Fi zones.

Ø  Launcher screen: This feature enables you to select which apps you want your kids to use. You can also use the PIN verification to prevent them from disabling or removing the launcher.

Ø  Offline Support: This app can operate without an internet connection, making it highly reliable.

Ø  Web filter: It comes with website content filters, and photo and video controls.

Ø  Adaptable: Kids Place can be used on people of all ages, including toddlers, teenagers, and company employees.

Ø  Get a limited free trial.

4. Screen Time 

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Screen Time enables parents to keep track of their kid’s time spent on the phone. It also has an app blocker and real-time alerts to inform you when your kids try to install new apps. You can also monitor websites visited, search results, and the most-used applications. Further, Screen Time has other unique features for the improved safety of your kids.


Ø  Pause icon: You can pause your child’s device instantly, gaining their attention when you need it most, such as when you need them to take their meals or to go to school.

Ø  Smart-device controls: You can use the app to access and control other smart gadgets, such as Apple iOS devices and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Ø  Rewards: Parents can set tasks to be completed and reward them through additional screen time.

Ø  Shared account: You can invite your parents or partner to manage your child’s screen time from one account.

Ø  Enjoy a 14-day trial of Screen Time Premium.

5. FamiSafe 

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FamiSafe is among the best parental control apps for Android due to its wide range of features and services. The app will help safeguard your kids 24/7 while fostering healthy digital habits. It is a reliable, all-in-one app with functions such as web filtering, location tracking, app blocker, screen time control, and scheduling. FamiSafe also comes with the following unique and powerful features:


Ø  Geofencing: Parents can mark specific locations as safe, such as home or school. The app triggers an alert whenever the kid steps out of these zones.

Ø  Content detection: The app tracks and detects explicit, suspicious, and dangerous content. Parents also receive signals whenever kids access questionable images to curb sexting, cyberbullying, and extortion.

Ø  Enjoy a free 3-day trial.

6. Qustodio 

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Qustodio is a robust parental control and monitoring tool. It helps parents regulate their kids’ screen time, games, and adult content. Other standard features include web filtering, app blocks, and location tracking. The following unique capabilities give Qustodio an added advantage:


Ø  Flexibility: Target devices can be managed from multiple platforms, such as phones, desktops, or tablets.

Ø  Specific content blocker: The app allows you to block particular titles for games and apps.

Ø  Phone content monitoring: You can track calls and messages on your kid’s phone. You can also see who your kid talks to and texts the most.

Ø  Panic button: You can use this feature to call for help whenever there is an emergency, especially when kids visit unsafe locations.

Ø  Enjoy a free 3-day trial.

7. OurPact 

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This parental control app enables parents to block apps, geofence, and locate children and family members. Other standard features include an app list for all installed apps and a screen time scheduler. Here are OurPact’s outstanding features.  


Ø  Block texting: Parents can limit their kids’ messaging and access to SMS using schedules or manual blocks. This functionality ensures that texting does not cause distractions during meals and homework-time.

Ø  Porn blocker: The app filters sexual content across all browsers on your child’s Android device.

Ø  App management: You can set different management rules for educational apps and for other social media sites.

Ø  Try the free version of the app for 7 days.

8. Kaspersky SafeKids 

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Aside from being a leading developer of mobile antivirus applications, Kaspersky has gained the reputation of designing a professional parental control software. In addition to allowing you to block adult and sexual content, Kaspersky SafeKids also helps you to set device screen limits and to see your child’s location. Parents can also monitor their kids’ phone activity using My Kaspersky app on their own devices.


Ø  Specific content blocker: You can block suspicious search requests on YouTube on topics, such as alcohol and drugs.

Ø  You can see the target device’s battery level. This feature enables you to warn your kid and family to plug in the device before it runs out of charge.

Ø  Real-time notifications: You can receive alerts every time any phone activity does not obey set rules.

Ø  Facebook tracker: You can monitor your child’s public activity on Facebook. The app reports kids’ activities, such as their posts and newly added friends.

Ø  Professional support: The app shares expert advice and ideas from child psychologists around online topics.

Ø  Enjoy a 7-day free trial.

9. Norton Family 

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Norton Family is a top-ranking parental control app for Android because of its multi-device capabilities, enabling parents to monitor their kids’ activities and whereabouts remotely. The app comes with user-friendly and reliable functionalities, such as time scheduler, site blocker, web filter, GPS location tracker, and call- and SMS-monitor. Parents also install Norton Family to gain from the following unique features:


Ø  Content-specific alerts: Parents can set up online search keyword notifications. You can see the specific videos, words, and terms your kids are searching for.

Ø  Personal information protection: You can protect all personal, sensitive information (such as the name of the school attended and contact details) from exposure to online predators and hackers.

Ø  Anti-virus protection: The app defends your kid’s device against malware, spyware, and other online threats.

Ø  Get a 6-month free trial.

10. ESET 

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ESET is one of the best parental control apps for Android thanks to its age-based app filters, age-inappropriate website blocker, and daily screen-time manager. In addition to a location tracker, ESET is loaded with the following unique benefits:


Ø Customizable parental-control messaging: Upon checking your kid’s location, you can send a message to his device, which he must acknowledge to continue using the gadget.

Ø Web Guard: This feature allows ESET to categorize secure web pages for your kid automatically. For instance, pornographic and gambling sites are blocked by default.

Ø Supervisory functions: The child can seek permission to access restricted web pages. Once approved by the parent, Web Guard automatically creates an exception.

Ø Enjoy a free 30-day trial.

This collection reviews the 10 best parental control apps for Android phones. While many of the apps share standard features, such as location tracking, web filter, app blockers, and notifications, users should look out for unique elements applicable to individual needs. Remember to also check out the app’s pricing before committing.

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