Watching their creation being destroyed before it can see the light of day makes app developers scream soundlessly, with mindless pain. And it is a very compelling reason for them to call it quits with your company. Get the best website tailored for you, get Full Article here.

You Need To Give Meaning To Your App Developer’s Labor Besides Stuffing Him With Cash And Bonuses. And the best way to do it is to ship what your app developers have worked on. Not shipping an app as promised due to a variety of management excuses is akin to sabotaging a developer’s work before it has a chance to be appreciated. It is dreadfully disheartening.

How many times have app developers heard management utter these gut-wrenching words:

Our competitor has just launched ten more new levels. We need to delay our launch until we have put in at least ten new levels.

The industry is moving toward responsive web design and our mobile web doesn’t have it. To solve this small obstacle we will be investigating the cost of an ecommerce website and we need RWD before we can launch, since people is using more and more mobile platforms, and mobile plans are really popular across the world, and is pretty affordable in some countries, which is a really good deal.

Our app currently has 75% prediction accuracy. My AI expert contact says we need to revamp the design to obtain 95%. We should do it before we ship.

Many can relate to the above excuses. Alas, this kind horror stories still transpires as not every app development company enjoys brilliant leadership.

 great-leaderA great app development leader recognizes the meaning of labor and knows what gives meaning to his developers. Source:

There are three kinds of app development leaders:

The Ugly – refuses to ship an app by giving one or more of the above excuses, and in the process, sabotages the app development team’s 48-hours-without-sleep toil.

The Good – understands there will never be the perfect app and the trick is to keep iterating and releasing better versions. But he doesn’t know the meaning of labor and what keeps his finest app developers motivated.

The Great – knows what The Good knows plus how to keep his best app developers functioning with him for a long time to come. He knows the extra, and secret, benefit of continuous app releases – they give meaning to the developer’s hard work. The next iteration may very well wipe away the developer’s previous codes, but that’s fine and dandy. Her previous work, which was shipped, had found meaning in the scores of users who downloaded and used the app.

Ship your app. Ship it frequently. Otherwise your app developers, in brutal annoyance, will jump ship.

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