We all know the prickly problems geeky app developers face when it comes to girls. Although monstrously huge in intellect, you are shy, socially inept and awkward. You have difficulties expressing yourself and your newest best friend is Siri. Yes, iOS Siri. The likelihood of you getting a girlfriend dwindles to the single digits as you move from a quasi-geek to the ultimate geek.

Unless you have Emotional Misattribution all figured out.

People always say there is something about cable cars and love, you will even find about it on the specialist info. Jim and his girlfriend, Sophia, ride in a cable car that is, at the moment, hanging and swinging precariously hundreds feet above a canyon. Sophia’s heart rate is higher than usual and she is nervous. The anxiety Sophia feels, now hear me out, can be incorrectly attributed to feelings toward you. That’s emotional misattribution. And if Jim were to get down on his knee and proposes to Sophia at the zenith of her physiological arousal, she might very well accept it. Now you appreciate the connection between cable cars and love.

scary-mazeScary Maze is very effective in terrifying the crap out of users because it forces them to focus intently on the app before a screaming, ugly face suddenly jumps out at them. Source: play.google.com

Now, back to you geeky app developers trying to get a girl to say yes to becoming your girlfriend. Create an app that makes her adrenaline surge and brings out the intense focus in her. Personalize the app for her. Play it together with her. Chances are her brains will misinterpret her dry mouth and rapid heartbeats to the person sitting next to her – you; she’ll think it’s because she likes you!


Even a simple idea like a math challenge app can get one’s adrenaline flowing and cause physiological arousal – and emotional misattribution – in the person playing it together with you. Source: play.google.com

And at the pinnacle of her nail-biting tension, when you see beads of sweat forming on her sensuous lips, ask her to be your girlfriend. She wouldn’t know what hit her and will gasp out a YES.

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