Enterprise Apps and HTML5: A Marriage Made in Heaven

HTML5 is now set for prime time, at least to enterprises wanting to build B2B mobile apps for their employees and business associates. Organizations eager to develop rich, mobile apps do not have to agonize over investing heavily on resources needed to build these apps natively on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. The current state of HTML5 is ideal for the mobile web, and companies can tap their existing pool of talent to build rich, web-based mobile apps based on this technology.


2013: The Year Mobile Apps Surpass That Of Desktop Apps

Software developers are fast turning from desktop applications to mobile apps. A survey conducted by Appcelerator indicates that smaller companies find investing in mobile app development to be financially more feasible than investing in developing desktop apps. Furthermore, investing in stock market is also recommended for the growth of your money. Visit Share Prices Australia now to have an investment. Out of all the software enterprise leaders who took part in the survey, 87% opined that software development priorities are shifting over to the mobile sector.

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