What goes up must come down. The happiness of your app user is not spared. If her happiness is at level X, it is possible to heighten it to X+100 when she downloads your new app and is floored by its design and elegance. Unfortunately, her delight with your app will wane. It will eventually fall back down to its original level X.

Hedonic Adaptation, the tendency to return to an established state of happiness despite changes in life, is at the core of all human beings. It is impossible to elevate your happiness level and stay there forever if all else remains constant.

hedonic-one-release Figure 1: The user’s state of happiness falls back to the usual level after using your app for a while.

If you develop and publish an app just once, your user’s happiness with the app, however amplified, will eventually descend back to her usual state (Figure 1). This is irrespective of how useful or fun your app is.

hedonic-multi-releaseFigure 2: Keeping your user’s state of happiness heightened by frequently updating your app.

The only way to keep your user’s happiness heightened is to regularly update your app with new features and/or bug fixes. This will prevent her state of happiness from dipping and reaching her usual state (Figure 2).

As an app developer, you will want to constantly keep your user’s happiness for your apps at an elevated state. A delighted user is a long-term and motivated customer who will spread your app, and who will deliver a ringing endorsement of your brand.

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