The Apple App Store has tons of applications claiming to be the best IOS browser, but only a few of them deliver. Today, we look at some of the best apps you can install in your iPhone or iPad to browse the internet with.


Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 1

If we be honest, the default factory IOS browser is one of the best apps of its kind. A minimalistic design, easy to understand interface and fast page loading speed gives it everything that most look in their ideal web browser. It is good with every browser functions such as saving bookmarks, adding new tabs and private browsing among others and the security feature is extraordinary given that Apple itself trusts it. Also, you can add thousands of extensions in the Safari extension store, which can make using this program a fun experience.

However, the app is not perfect, and it does have its cons. The main one is that it is hard to customize. Some users might perceive the design as ‘boring’ and sometimes it might be hassle closing pop-ups.

Google Chrome

Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 2

Google Chrome has made its name as one of the best browsers for PC and Android, and it has also had its share of the IOS browser market. With more than 40k reviews in the App Store already, you can only imagine the number of actual downloads.

With a carefully programmed UI, it offers the freedom to surf the internet like nothing else. The page load speed is fast and features exclusive to chrome such as Google Translate and Voice Search make it very convenient for those who are used to the search engine and Gmail. Adding on to that, manage tabs, autofill forms, incognito mode, security alerts and copy-pasting pictures takes it miles apart from browsers that only serve a purpose of accepting web address and opening sites.

Dolphin Browser

Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 3

Dolphin Browser is another popular IOS browser application. The UI feels different as soon as you install it on your phone- other browsers such as Chrome and Safari were initially made for PC and later redesigned for phone, but Dolphin browser has been programmed primarily for users using a touchscreen mobile. It is easy to use with the options for speed dial and everything, and what’s good is that every element on the screen is at a comfortable touch distance from others.

You have a night mode, QR reader, and easy access to social media with speed dials. You also get a web syncing feature known as dolphin connect. Dolphin browser takes gesture support to a whole new level given that you can even create your custom gestures.

The only downside to using Dolphin is that it can be somewhat confusing with so many features. Of course, the confusions only persist until you become used to it.

Onion Browser

Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 4

If you are interested in tech, then you already know about the concept of the deep web. You also know how you can use an onion browser to access it.

Well, even if you don’t, the onion browser is a good browser app to use on your iPhone or iPad. The UI is nothing special. It is simple- average and no elegant features. However, one thing that puts onion browser apart from everything is the security.

It uses the DuckDuck Go search engine, which doesn’t track your data like Google or Bing. It runs on proxies, so you can be almost completely anonymous when you browse the web. Given that you follow necessary security guidelines, no one on the internet can be able to track you, so you get ultimate privacy. Adding on to that, the application itself has been upgrading over time, so you can expect a lot of updates and improvements once you install it on your device.

Brave Web Browser

Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 5

Brave Web Browser is another one that could intrigue a lot of people. It is the latest IOS browser in our list whose selling point is its feature of blocking ads. It has a built-in ad blocker so that you can surf the internet free of annoying pop-ups. Adding on to that, it has a battery and data saver feature, both of which have been optimized to maximize the performance with minimum resources. At the same time, the UI is good with tons of features and the privacy protection is one of a kind.

The app forces an https encryption even in the sites that don’t initially have it. Also, other features such as script blocking, cookie blocking, etc. show that the app developers take the privacy of its users seriously.

Opera Mini

Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 6

The above web browsers are excellent at what they do. However, one common issue with most of them is that they eat up a lot of data. Using them over WiFi could be a great experience, but you will find yourself constantly buying new data packs if you access the internet through your mobile network.

Well, opera mini addresses the problem. It compresses every website it opens; saving your data and at increasing load speed at the same time. The good thing is that you get multiple options, such as disable loading image that let you control up to what extent you save your mobile network plan. Recently they released a new feature called the “Video Boost,” whose primary purpose is to load fewer resources while opening videos.

We have talked a lot about you saving on your mobile bill- but that is not the only advantage that Opera Mini offers. The browser has a sleek UI, and it is easy touching your way around it. You can open unlimited tabs, and a private mode is available. For those who want to take their privacy to a new level, it is expected that Opera Mini will add a VPN mode soon.

Puffin Browser

Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 7

Puffin browser is similar to Opera Mini regarding its data saving functionality. However, the purpose is a little different. Opera Mini’s main objective is to save money, while in the case of Puffin, it wants to help people by loading web pages fast. Well, the application takes the same approach as Opera to reach its goal by compressing pages, and to be honest, it does a great job.

Puffin might just be the fastest browser on the App Store. It compresses websites in a way that lets devices with limited resources access sites which demand a lot. Thus, we can say that Puffin is the best choice for individuals using older versions of Apple handsets. At the same time, it has an abundance of features such as cloud services, web gaming, virtual trackpad and gamepad, theater mode for watching videos, etc., so you have more than one reason to install in on your device.

Mozilla Firefox

Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 8

As you can see, you have plenty of options if you are looking for a reliable web browser for IOS, Firefox being one. The browser has been delivering pretty good performance recently, with its speed being comparable to the other leading applications such as Google Chrome and Safari. The browser has been boasting and rightfully proving its minimal RAM usage. However, with the features, it is a heavyweight in its rights.

It has a smart search bar and simple tab organization. Sharing things over the internet is a piece of cake with quick access available for Facebook and other social media. Saving password and bookmarks is s, and you get decent security with services such as block ad tracking.


Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 9

Ghostery Privacy Browser is another IOS browser application for those who hold their internet privacy in the highest regards. Of course, it has a tracking blocking feature. On top of that, it also provides a way for you to view actually who is tracking your data while visiting a site. There you can block or unblock individual trackers.

Ghostery has something called “Ghost Search”. It uses an in-built private search powered by Cliqz, which is more or less similar to the DuckDuck Go used by onion browser. It doesn’t store any personal information. The browser’s Phishing Protection is taken as one of the best in the world. At the same time, the built-in ad blocker is very effective. Finally, even if its core focus is privacy, Ghostery Browser for IOS does provide an intuitive UI and easy arrangement of tabs giving you a browser you can become used to.

iCab Mobile

Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 10

The thing that sets apart iCab Mobile from other browsers is the easiness. Well, we can’t say the same for simplicity because you might be a little confused opening the browser for the first time. You will find yourself wondering between buttons providing a load of features. However, you will have an extraordinary experience once you become used to it.

You have features like Apple Watch, Dropbox access, Easy Searching, File Uploads, Filters, Multi-User Support, and Voiceover. Adding on to that, things such as Configurable multi-touch gestures, Quick starter, AirPrint Support, Cookie Manager, Privacy Browsing, Private Browsing, built-in RSS reader and others give you a complete package. The design looks sleek with several available color schemes and document sharing, and page-compression do great jobs.

Microsoft Edge

Top 11 Best IOS Browser Applications You Can Use in 2019 11

Finally, we talk about Microsoft Edge. Having made its name as one of the best browsers in Windows, you can expect the same in IOS. It is simple to use and the page loading speed good enough for you to make it your default browser. The good about Microsoft Edge is that if you use a Windows computer, you can continue the sessions on your phone later in your desktop.

Features such as QR scanner, DataSync, Hub View, InPrivate, Voice search, etc. are some highlights of Microsoft Edge for IOS. Looking around the internet, you will see tons of positive reviews with people praising the application for its UI. All in all, we will have to say Microsoft Edge is a great browser. It is definitely one of our recommendations for our dear readers.

How to Change Default Browser in IOS 10

Well, if you decide to use other browsers than Safari, you might as well decide to change the default browser for your convenience. However, we will have to say that it is not completely possible.

IOS is a closed operating system; so changing default apps is not straightforward like in android or windows. However, there are some methods that might help you.

Disable Safari

You can’t delete Safari, but you can disable it.

How to Disable Safari in Your IOS Device

STEP 1: Open the Settings App.

STEP 2: Select General.

STEP 3: Select Restrictions.

STEP 4: Create and Enter your Restrictions Passcode.

STEP 5: Switch the Toggle to turn Safari Off.

However, remember that once you turn Safari Off, the app won’t work. Meaning that you can’t reuse it until you toggle it again.

Jailbreak Your Device

Another method is to jailbreak your device. However, remember that this process only works for Google Chrome. Jailbreaking an IOS device is less risky than enabling root access in Android. Anyway, you will have to move at your own risk.

STEP 1: Jailbreak Your Device. There are many ways to do so. However, we will not tell you about it because the process depends on the version of your IOS. We don’t want you to block your device by following the one process we write here.

STEP 2: Install Cydia. You will have this app on your device once you jailbreak it.

STEP 3: Search for ‘Open in Chrome.’

STEP 4: Install the ‘Open in Chrome’ and restart the module.

This way, every link you click will be opened on Google Chrome.

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