Camera in an android device is about hardware for the most part. However, the application that you use also plays some role in how good the final image turns out. After all, it is all about the easiness of using the interface and editing options. Here, we look at some of the best camera apps for android in 2019.

Google Camera

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 1

Well, of course, when Google develops an application, you expect it to be on the front. It is the same when we are talking about camera apps for Android, and the company has come up with something fairly interesting.

A reliable app, the build design is simple and easy to understand. You can take HDR+ pictures with your own adjustments, but the automatic focus does a good job. It also has something called the playground which is a podium for editing pictures by adding cool effects and stickers.

Taking pictures is great, but Google turns it up a notch. The camera has something called the Google Lens suggestions, which you can use to scan barcodes, contacts, and emails. It can be of huge assistance to users, given that the application of our smartphone camera these days is more than capturing images.

Download Google Camera

Open Camera

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 2

The next on the list is Open Camera, an open-source application which lets you take stunning pictures. Being open source, the app is completely free and has plenty of fantastic features to be deserving to be downloaded on every device. You can auto stabilize your pictures and get various choices of grids. The controls to change Focus, ISO and other manual camera settings are handy, and the editing modes available are one of a kind.

One of the best things about this android camera app is the voice command. Well, yes- you can take pictures with your voice. It is a good plus point given that you can capture images remotely. Adding on to that, people from all over the world are continually working to improve the app. So, once downloading, you will have an excellent camera program on your android phone which is going to sustain for a long time.

Download Open Camera

Camera Zoom FX

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 3

This application might not be entirely free, but you are going to have a fantastic experience if you can pay a couple of bucks. The camera software has two versions, the Free and the Premium one, and the latter costs $4.53. Everything that the unpaid version lets you do is take a picture and save them, but the story is very different after you pay the four dollars.

The software has an attractive interface, and boasts a ‘full manual DSLR controls.’ It claims to be the fastest camera on Android and backs it up with a killer speed burst mode. Other features include HDR Mode, Timer, Stable Mode, Voice Activation, etc. It offers a ‘download pack’ for special effects and thus, you don’t only have an app to shoot images, but also something to have fun with.

Download Camera Zoom FX

Bacon Camera

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 4

Might be a fun and a ‘cute’ name for many, but it is a heavyweight in what it offers. It has incredible features, all power packed in a tiny size of just over 8 MB. Features include Live Histogram, Timed Shots, Multi Exposure Algorithm, Panorama, Tiny Planets, GIF maker and many more. Adding on to that, it is the first Android camera app with manual control for mobile phones which don’t support Google

The design of this application is simple and unpretentious. Playing around with the focus, exposure and white balance is easy, and the interactive UI lets you have a pleasant experience with this app.

Bacon Camera is a free application, but still, you can choose to donate to the makers.

Download Bacon Camera

Camera MX

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 5

One of the most popular apps in our list, people have downloaded Camera MX over 20 million times. Well, the reason for it is everything in the app being superb. First, you get an extraordinary looking camera application for free which supports almost every device. Next, it does a great job with all the essential camera functions such as auto flash, zooming, and front and back camera support and has its own arsenal of features that make people fall in love with it.

Camera MX has a shot timer, gridlines, option to change the exposure value and lock focus. It also lets you take high-speed burst pictures, and there is a large selection of effects. Finally, you can modify your photos with some excellent tools in the photo and video editor.

Download Camera MX

Pro Shot

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 6

Just as its name suggests, Pro Shot makes you feel like a pro camera person. You have an option to shoot full resolution photos and videos at three aspect ratios, 4:3, 16:9 and 1:1. The manual controls are okay on it as well, but what sets it apart from other Android camera apps is the effective auto adjust. The noise reduction feature is practical, and you can find the difference as soon as you shoot in dimmer light.

The app is also known for its video capabilities. It can take 4K videos with manual and automatic control. Of course, you can open your phone flashlight for filming purposes, and time-lapse is available. And being only 2.0 MB, Pro Shot is the preference of those who don’t have a lot of space on their phones.

The downside, however, is that the application is not free. You will need to pay $3.99 to download it.

Download Pro Shot


Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 7

Cymera is one app you must check if you are looking for best Android camera apps for filters and tools. It lets you turn your phone into a fun photo studio, where you have a lot of filters and effects to keep you busy for days. You have collage maker, live filter, makeups, face color adjustments, meme maker, etc. Also, the application is continuously on the update, given that the company releases addons on every special occasion.

Also, taking pictures with the camera software simple and there are many modes such as divided lenses, fisheye, etc. Effects such as blurred background and crop let you focus on the subject, and you can use them live while taking pictures. Others tools include red-eye removal, brightness adjustment, art effects, etc.

One unique thing that puts the camera apart from its competitors is that it supports 12 languages. The developers thought locally for an international brand, and their hard work has really paid off. This camera app for Android has more than a hundred million downloads on Google Play Store.

Download Cymera


Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 8

VSCO is not only an android application but also a community. The app has a social platform where members can upload their pictures and share. The application is more focused on filming videos rather than photos. Anyway, it does an excellent job with both of them. VSCO has a plethora of film-inspired presets and colors. It has enough features to let you take an epic picture every time you start the app.

You can download VSCO for free but get a membership later. This will let you get new film stocks as soon as they are released. VSCO is definitely an app we recommend, and it itself boasts the numbers. The application has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.

Download VSCO

Camera 360

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 9

Camera 360 has made quite a name for itself, with more than 100 million installs and thousands of positive reviews. Many would take it to be an app totally concerned with editing tools, but the truth is far from that. Well, of course, the effects and filters are top-notch, but we will underrate it if we don’t talk about its camera.

Camera 360 has easy manual settings, double exposure, HDR films, and live effects, all that will let you add a professional touch in your photography like in no other app. Also, the interface is well-designed and attractive, that means your eyes more to feast on than the pictures you take. Editing is extraordinary and easy, and thus it is one of the camera apps for Android everyone must try.

Download Camera 360

Footej Camera

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 10

With a professional looking and intuitive UI, Footej Camera almost makes you feel like carrying a mini- DSLR in your pocket. The control as highly responsive and the color quality fixes are splendid. Also, this program is known for utilizing the hardware in your device; it can work together with the Android’s camera 2 API to create breathtaking images.

Features include focus from different areas, slow-motion video, GIFs, burst mode, manual focus and many more. However, remember that there are two versions of this app, the free and premium. The features depend on which one you have. For example, in the free version, you can not take videos whose length exceed 5 minutes.

Download Footej Camera

DSLR Camera Pro

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 11

The DSLR Camera Pro has to be the best DSLR camera app for android. It costs $3.13, but at that price, your smartphone will be able to do everything that a DSL can. Well, of course, the quality of the pictures depends on the type of hardware, but this program leaves no stone unturned regarding what software must do.

There is a two-state shutter button just like any DSLR camera would have. You get to adjust the white balance, ISO, light metering and exposure and at the same time, you get autofocus. The app works with both, the front and the rear camera and it has quite a few color effects. All in all, it is a simple app and doesn’t have a lot of unique features, but it does pretty well with everything it promises.

Download DSLR Camera Pro

Camera FV-5

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 12

Camera FV-5 is another app suited for those who prefer taking pictures with their own light and focus adjustments. There are two versions of this app, the Camera FV-5, and the Camera FV-5 lite, among which one is paid.

The Camera FV-5 will set you back $3.36. It gives you DSLR like display and exposure bracketing between 3 to 7 frames. The camera boasts a built-in intervalometer, which, to be honest, does quite an excellent job with the time lapses. You can take photos in Program and Speed Priority modes. The manual Shutter Speed depends on the capability of the phone. And for an exciting part, the UI of this device is available in more than 30 languages.

Camera FV-lite is the free version of this software which can do everything the main program can do. However, the limit is that it doesn’t let your render pictures in higher resolutions.

Download Camera FV-5

Manual Camera

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 13

Well, we can’t miss the Manual Camera in a list we mention Camera FV-5 and DSLR Camera Pro. It is another app which doesn’t boast a lot of toolkits but is rather renowned for its simplicity. More than 100,000 installs is a pretty good number for an application which costs $3.13.

It uses the Camera2 API and thus can take epic pictures if you have the skills. As its name suggests, it is a full manual android camera, the first of its kind. You play around with the shutter speed focus distance, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation for taking an image. Anyway, you first start with the full Auto-mode and the software itself unlocks settings as you move forward. So, this app might actually teach you photography.
Additional features include RAW (DNG) format, GPS, gridlines, timer, and sound and screen brightness levels.

Download Manual Camera

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Android

Top 14 Impressive Camera Apps for Android in 2019 14

Here is one for the true professionals. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC might just be the best camera app for Android which you can get for a free download. Of course, the application is not entirely free, and you will need to pay some money for some effects. Insite of that, it does provide you with enough when you first download it.
This app allows you to take pictures which you can instantly edit with some of the most advanced photo editing plugins in the world. The limitation is video, but we know how photoshop works, don’t we?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC supports any RAW DNG RAW camera images. Thus, it is an app that every professional photographer/ editor should consider to have in his/her pocket.

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Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

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