Do you suspect your significant other of hiding things on their iPhone? Want to make sure your kid doesn’t misuse the brand new Apple device you bought for them? Hiding apps or finding hidden apps on the iPhone is not as straightforward compared to other devices. But it is still possible. In this article, we shed some light on how you can hide and unhide applications in IOS.

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There isn’t a specific way to find hidden apps on a phone as the owner may have used various methods to keep them away from your sight. You will need to know all of the ways an app can be hidden on IOS.

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Can Apps be Hidden in an iPhone?

Unlike Android, you can’t hide apps in the App Drawer in a native manner. But you can keep these apps away from plain sight.

Apps can at least be hidden from the list of purchases in the App Store. This becomes helpful when you are using Family Sharing, as hiding an app from the list of purchases won’t appear in the purchase history.

If you are looking for other options to hide your app, there isn’t a third-party solution that can hide another application on the iPhone.

Let’s look at some of the popular ways one can of hide applications in an iPhone.

Keeping the App Out of Sight

In some ways, the idea of keeping the app out of plain sight might seem stupid, but it actually works. At the very least, this method keeps the applications away from immediate view.

What you do is open a folder in the home screen, and name it something very basic or boring, for example, “Miscellaneous”. Then, you bury this folder between various apps in the app drawer. Next, you add applications into the folder, including the ones you want to hide. Apple IOS allows you to add more pages to a folder. You may want to move the app to the second or the third page.

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Here is a detailed explanation of the steps:

Step 1: Open the Home Screen
Step 2: Create a New Folder. To do this, hold and drag an app over another application. Both of them will stay in the same folder.
Step 3: Add the app you want to hide in the folder.
Step 4: Drag the app to the second page of the folder by tapping on it, and dragging it to the right. The more apps you can add into the folder, the safer your app will be from one’s view.

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How to Hide Apps in the App Store?

If you are sharing your App Store with someone else, they will be able to see the apps you have installed in the purchase history. You can keep them from knowing your installed apps if you hide these apps from the App Store (the applications will remain on your phone, no worries). And no one, except those who can access your phone, will know that you have downloaded the app(s).

Here are the steps to hiding a purchase on the App Store:

Step 1: Open App Store.
Step 2: Tap on Today on the bottom left corner of the screen.
Step 3: On the top right corner, tap on the Account Name.
Step 4: You will need to sign in with your Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID and the password.
Step 5: Tap on Purchases or My Purchase (in older IOS versions, tap on Purchase History).
Step 6: From the list app names, slide left and select Hide.

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To see the list of the Hidden Purchases, go the Account and sign in with your Apple ID and password just like before. Then, tap on Hidden Purchases. 

In the case of an iPhone, the only way you can truly hide an Application is by having a strong password on the device itself. 

The Easiest Way to Find Hidden Applications on the iPhone

All you need to do is ask the person for their iPhone password and go through all their app drawer carefully. Open all the folders to see if there are second pages.

You can also see the list of the purchased apps on the App Store. For this, open the App Store and go to Today > Account Name > Purchased. You will see a list of all the apps that you and your family members (if you are using family sharing) have purchased. Select the Not on this iPhone option to see applications someone has bought, but not installed in the current device.

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Apple doesn’t really provide users a way to hide applications apart from the usual device’s password protection, so it won’t really be difficult to find hidden apps. All you need to do is know the device’s password, go through the home screen carefully, and also check the list of purchased apps on the App Store. 

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