Should we judge a book by its cover? Of course not, but we app users are fond of doing just that. Apps with stunning icons secure a second or third glance from us. They gain clicks and are downloaded. Call us shallow, but we equate a great-looking app icon with an equally wonderful app. That’s why app developers should give each of their apps a professional-looking icon.

facebook-iconSo That People Download Your App. To download or not to download… hinges heavily on your icon. Create with Context conducted a research on how people interacted with the iPhone. Part of the research focused on app purchasing behavior and how users perceive what a good or trustworthy app is at first glance. The outcome of the research clearly verifies that the app icon establishes a direct relationship with potential users.

  1. Icon design affects the user’s initial perception of the app.
  2. A poorly-designed icon will not get a second chance from the user.
  3. Icon color will make or break your app’s ability to attract downloads.
  4. Apps with a high-resolution, appealing and crisp icon will likely be chosen by the user for download.


Image courtesy of Create with Context

nike-iconSo That You Can Differentiate Your App From The Rest. The bad news: There are 1.5 million apps in the market (PCWorld, Jan 2013), and the number of apps continues to rise at an astounding rate. Unless you have created Angry Birds, chances are your app will be drowned out in the app store clutter. The good news: Most apps in the app store have rotten icons, yet app icons are the first to meet the user’s eyes. Here’s your chance to make a difference. Distinguish your app from the rest with a fine-looking icon. Users will surely notice that app of yours!

twitter-iconSo That Your App Looks Professional. A crappy app icon reeks of amateurism and shoddy workmanship. That’s the last thing you need, especially if you think you have created an app that will end world hunger. You have a killer app. Do it a favor. Go tell the world of its existence and success by dressing it with a sexy icon.

map-iconSo That People Trust Your App. Just like an attractive business logo, users tend to trust a professional-looking app icon. It connects them with the app. It creates loyal users who proactively market your app.  A well-designed app icon represents your sincerity and seriousness toward what the app can do for its users, be it saving the world or providing endless hours of puzzle fun. It gives your app credibility and consistency.

zappos-iconSo That People Remember Your App. Just as the app icon establishes a direct relationship with potential users, the icon also forms an important connection with existing users. The icon is the first thing that comes to mind if one was asked about their favorite app. You want people to remember your app after they have downloaded it. You want your users to recognize your app by the icon when they are looking for it on the phone. You want your app to establish a long-lasting impression in your users’ minds. You want to brand your app. Wishes, wishes, wishes. How do you fulfill them all? Well, how about designing a cool app icon for a start?

Seriously, if you are a talented app programmer but know next to nothing about app icon design, go do yourself and your killer app a huge favor. Get a professional icon designer to create that awe-inspiring icon for you. Your app will thank you profusely.

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