If you asked app entrepreneurs about the superpower they wish to possess, most of them would probably opt for “enhanced insights”. Luckily, there’s something close to this superpower – app analytics. If you’re building an iOS app, it would be iPhone app analytics.

If you’re wondering “what are app analytics?”, in short, they are tools that allow you to understand how users engage with your application by analysing the data generated from it. They monitor the key performance indicators of your app and can also help you identify the features users love or hate.

App analytics tools also help in evaluating the impact of updates or modifications on specific segments of your application, such as its app onboarding process. If you’d like to know more, check out our comprehensive guide that discusses all aspects of mobile app analytics in detail.

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best iPhone app analytics tools in the industry. Have a look and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 1

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Tools

1. iOS App Analytics (App Store Connect)

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 2

App Analytics, offered by Apple, is a gem many mobile app developers miss out. With this tool, you can discover the type of devices your iOS app is being used, monitor the time users spend on it, and even create campaign links to see which app marketing campaigns are successful with app user acquisition.

Using App Analytics, you can also track the in-app purchases made, the total number of app sessions running, and the total number of crashes that occurred during a specific period of time. You can also judge how effective you were with App Store Optimization (ASO) by looking at the impressions your app received.

iOS App Analytics comes along with the Apple Developer Program membership with no extra cost. If you’re just starting out with mobile app development, and haven’t registered yet for a membership, you’ll have to upgrade your Apple ID into a Developer Account.

Type: In-app, crash, marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • SDK installation not required
  • Sales data
  • Attribution analysis
  • Acquisition analysis

2. Firebase

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 3

Firebase, also known as Firebase Analytics, is a Google acquired platform, consisting of a suite of products that can enhance your app’s user experience and measure a wide range of metrics, starting from app engagement to crashes – all in a single dashboard.

It’s a free APM tool that can track in-app usage across multiple platforms and give developers the context of performance issues for quick rectification. Apart from analysing your app’s performance, Firebase also offers the infrastructure to build a robust app. 

Type: In-app, performance and crash, marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Crash Reporting with the help of Crashlytics
  • Funnel visualization
  • Cross-platform user tracking

3. Google Analytics

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 4

Google App Analytics is one of the biggest and earliest analytics platforms in the industry. Now, many might be sceptical about Google Analytics and thinking “Can you use Google Analytics for Mobile Apps?”. 

Even though it’s extensively used for web applications, it is equally useful for iOS apps. It’s a reporting tool that is free to use and can easily be integrated with Firebase. 

Type: In-app and marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Measure in-app payment and revenue
  • Visualize navigation paths

4. UXCam

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 5

UXCam is an analytics and app testing platform, explicitly made for app developers. With its User Analysis tool, you can guide a user through the app onboarding process. The platform is primed to deliver the best user experience possible, and developers can record and view user sessions.

Such recordings are also helpful in identifying what caused the app to crash or the bugs that impact the user experience. The tool also provides touch heatmaps, which is useful in determining the features that users tap or ignore the most.  

Type: In-app analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Automatic element tagging
  • Lightweight SDK
  • Touch heatmaps

5. Mixpanel

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 6

Mixpanel is an iOS app analytics tool that lets you analyse user actions with segmentation and creating funnels. The platform is equipped with machine learning and can offer developers actionable insights about user behaviour and help to increase retention and engagement rate.

Apart from analytics, Mixpanel also offers tools for re-engagement campaigns such as emails, push notifications, and in-app messaging. You can even quickly pinpoint the features that enhance retention, engagement, and conversion. By default, the Insight section will show the top events of the last 96 hours.

Type: In-app and marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Engagement tracking
  • A/B testing

6. AppsFlyer

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 7

AppsFlyer is a cross-platform mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform that works with iOS and tvOS. The tool offers a robust, centralized management dashboard and has highly desirable features such as marketing cost aggregation, lifetime value reports, and smart banners to convert web visitors into app users.

The dashboard is intuitive and customizable and is capable of providing insights about deep linking and mobile retargeting. You can start using AppsFlyer with a 30-day free trial and receive custom plans on request.

Type: In-app and marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Uninstall attribution
  • Mobile ad fraud protection
  • Data visualization

7. Adobe Analytics

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 8

Adobe Analytics is a tool aimed at enterprise mobile apps. It uses AI and machine learning for predictive analytics and is a comprehensive suite of tools for attribution and marketing. The use of predictive analytics makes it effortless to predict future user behaviour and find the ones who are most likely to convert or churn.

The platform also offers automatic anomaly detection to quickly spot and rectify errors. With Adobe Analytics, you can measure critical metrics such as time spent on the app, crash rate, and the number of launches.

Type: In-app, crash and marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Cohort analysis
  • View full conversion funnel
  • Integration is a breeze

8. Flurry

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 9

Flurry is a free iPhone app analytics tool that enables you to monitor users across multiple platforms such as iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It has a highly customizable dashboard, that can be equipped for user retention, conversion, and acquisition.

Flurry is easy to use and takes just five minutes to integrate with any application. Along with offering actionable insights about user sessions and activity, Flurry provides tools for crash reporting – making it easier to detect bugs and uncover performance issues.

Type: In-app, performance and crash analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Event tracking
  • Funnels tracking
  • Customizable dashboard

9. Adjust

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 10

Adjust is an iOS app analytics tool that brings together the entire mobile marketing data into a single dashboard. It has an intuitive user interface that can be heavily customized. Adjust offers a customizable event tracking tool that can monitor multiple events and conversion goals – from download to signup and performing a desirable purchase action.

The platform also offers cohort analysis, using which you can segment users to analyse patterns and hourly trends. Adjust also has a Fraud Prevention Suite that will help in detecting fraudulent or malicious activities within the app.

Type: Marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Access real-time data
  • Cohort analysis
  • Uninstall tracking

10. Localytics

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 11

Localytics is an iPhone app analytics tool that combines analytics with robust marketing automation features. With this tool, you can analyse user journeys, and track app installs and uninstalls. The dashboard is highly customizable and offers an industry benchmarking feature – enabling developers to compare their applications to others in the industry.

The dashboard can be customized with filters for at-a-glance insights, which will help in providing relevant insights to different members. It also has a push notification feature, along with the facility to track critical retention and engagement metrics.

Type: In-app and marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Mobile CRM
  • Uninstall tracking
  • Predictive analytics

11. Clicktale

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 12

Clicktale is an iOS app analytics platform that offers intuitive heatmap data and funnels tracking features. You can effortlessly analyse user journeys and behaviour data without the need to be tech-savvy. 

Its user interface is intuitive and allows you to replay user sessions. You can also A/B test your app UI design and find the most desirable screen elements and features. There is also a triggered recording option that automatically records user sessions based on predefined parameters.

Type: In-app, performance and crash analytics

Key Highlights:

  • A/B testing
  • Data visualization
  • Behavioural analysis

12. Amplitude

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 13

With Amplitude, you can analyse each user interaction and find out answers to critical user behaviour-related questions. The tool also offers machine learning-based smart alerts that let you undertake proactive measures and deliver faster support.

The tool is useful to identify the users who are more likely to convert, perform a desirable action, or become loyal app users. Its robust action cohort tool helps in understanding how users interact with your app and the critical features that bring them back.

Type: In-app analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Retention rate detection
  • Retroactive funnels
  • Cohort analysis

13. GameAnalytics

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 14

If you’re developing an iOS mobile game app, then GameAnalytics is an ideal analytics platform for that. It is free to use, and nearly 63 thousand game titles utilise this tool for optimization. It can be easily integrated with game engines like Unity and allows you to choose the analytics metrics you care the most about.

You can also judge how successful you were with the game design process by monitoring how the users interact with the UI elements. You can also monitor critical metrics like the usage of in-game resources, tutorial engagement, and length of watching in-game advertisements.

Type: In-app and marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Error tracking
  • Real-time analytics on user sessions
  • Cohort analysis

14. Interceptd

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 15

Compared to other iPhone app analytics tools discussed, Interceptd is quite a different tool as it’s an ad fraud solution. It helps you block out the fraudulent installs and keep your traffic data clean.

By doing so, the data collected becomes more accurate and actionable. With Interceptd, you can track in-app events and create graphs and flow charts. You can also block fraudulent data regarding app installs, in-app actions and clicks.

Type: In-app, marketing analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Customizable reports
  • Track revenue events
  • Monitor registrations in real-time

15. Countly

Top 15 iPhone App Analytics Platforms in 2020 16

Countly can be considered as a 360-degree iPhone app analytics tool with a highly customizable dashboard. It is open-source and is available as both paid and free versions. It has numerous plugins that you can add for tracking user behaviour, retention rate, and the number of crashes.

It also has a tool called Countly Drill, which is highly beneficial to understand user segmentation data. You can also view the user journeys of multiple app users to see how each engage with the application. You can also monitor your app’s performance across various platforms such as iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Type: In-app, crash analytics

Key Highlights:

  • Retention analysis
  • On-premise or private cloud hosting
  • Funnel analysis

In Conclusion

One part of developing great apps is knowing how people use it. The iPhone app analytics tools discussed in this article are primed for that. You can effortlessly monitor the features that users love, hate, or need more tweaking for better performance.

This way, you’ll be able to retain and engage more users and enhance the lifetime value of your mobile apps. As most of the tools discussed lets you start with a free trial, you have zero excuses not to give them a try.

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